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Ro is a butt

Char - f - 21

Sometimes I do the drawy thing.

Current fandoms:
- (Mostly) Hetalia
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Pokemon
- Dangan Ronpa - Magi
- Ib (game)
- Kill la Kill
- Madoka Magica
- Homestuck
- And much more

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Fanfiction problems:



You want to read the story again. It was well written, and the plot was genius.You remember everything about the story. Except the title and author.


*looks at you seductively* *lowers glasses* i can’t see a thing

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dude do you ever think about how hard your 11 year old self would shit themselves if they saw your art style now


goodbye ned
high resolution →


goodbye ned

sneak peek at new hetalia characters’ vas


some of the ‘new beautiful world’ characters’ vas have been Very, Officially announced!!! click for examples of the vas’ previous voicework!!!!


lisa/joan of arc

new zealand




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love this deal


love this deal


It’s official, I can drop out of school and go to Hogwarts. [x]

Anonymous whispered,

How do you do your lineless art?

I’m not really sure how I’d make a tutorial, but here’s a rough progress for a picture that’s probably not going to be finished haha. 


I make a rough sketch, then very roughly blob out the outlines of the figures. From there on I’ll start sculpting away at the sides and basically tossing shading and stuff on it till it looks right haha. Work with clipping layers to make shading in the lines easier! Just work on one part at a time haha. 

You don’t really see in the progress, but I’ll keep the original sketch on like 10 to 30% opacity on top so I know where to put my details etc.

I tend to deviate from the sketch for the sake of what looks good haha. 


Au where Romania’s a genie and lil’ orphan Moldova salvages his lamp from a pile of old antiques on the side of the road. At first Mol’s frightened of how dark and mean-spirited Ro can be, but he grows attached to his sarcastic genie friend because he’s just glad to have someone to talk to after being alone for so long. He’s reluctant to use his three wishes, but ends up using the first two to help other people. His third wish is for Ro to become human, and his big brother.

Ro has become rather spiteful after living a couple centuries bottled up. He’s grown tired of only being let out on rare occasions to do some human’s bidding. Ro is completely baffled by Mol’s gentle nature and affection; he’s used to granting all kinds of ridiculously selfish wishes for equally selfish humans. Mol’s third wish takes him utterly by surprise, and after some sputtering and almost-tears, he accepts.

based on this:

Anonymous whispered,

Do you have a twitter?

I do, buuut

It’s not that interesting I think, also a little bit more personal since I tweet about irl a lot? 

So uh… if we’re in mutual or friends I’ll consider exchanging it, but honestly it’s not that interesting either, haha

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